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  • Grayish brown ovals seed with furrowed surfaces
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Sri Lanka


Nutmeg or Mystrica fragrans is a seed from tropical evergreen trees for spice. Nutmeg is native to the Moluccas, an island in Indonesia, and Grenada or West Indies, it is now widely cultivated in Sri Lanka, India, China, Malaysia, western Sumatra, Zanzibar, Mauritius and the Solomon Islands. The nutmeg seeds have a dark brown colour, around 2-3 cm long, and a hard seed coat with lanciate red arils surrounded and attached to the base of the seed that used to produce mace. As spice, nutmeg has a distinctive pungent fragrance and a warm slightly sweet taste, making nutmeg popular in many dishes from baked goods, confections, savory foods, to even beverages. 


Manufacturing Process

Nutmeg are harvested from the fruit around five to eight years old after cultivation. After harvested, fruits are opened by mechanical or hands to remove the nut or the nutmeg. To avoid any damage to the nutmeg, the process needs to be done carefully. Nutmegs then dried in their shells in the sun and turned each day to prevent fermentation. Nutmegs are dried for one weeks or until the seeds inside rattle when shaken. After that, nutmeg’s seed cover is removed by breaking the hard seed coat mechanically. Then, nutmegs are packed usually in double layered linen, jute, sisal, or polythene bags.



The grades for nutmeg with shell are:

Insect (by count)                     : 4 max

Internal insect damage           : practically free

Excreta other                          : 0%

Mould                                      : not more than 5%

Foreign matter                        : 0%

Dust                                         : 0%

While the grades for nutmeg without shell are:

Rattling nuts                            : 90% min

Insect (by count)                     : 4 max

Internal insect damage           : not more than 5%

Excreta other                          : 1%

Mould                                      : not more than 5%

Foreign matter                        : 0.5%

Dust                                         : 0%

Nutmegs could be used in food, traditional medicine, toiletries industries, and other uses such as to make camphor, solvents, plasticizers, perfume bases and synthetic pine oil. In the food industry, nutmeg is popular in the ground form. Nutmegs contain oleoresins that commonly used in the preparations of meat products, soups, sauces, baked foods, confectioneries, puddings, and to flavour milk dishes or punches. As for the use in traditional medicine, nutmegs are commonly found in oriental medicine including Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Thai medicines. Due to its aromatic properties, nutmeg especially in oil form is used in toiletries products.



Nutmeg is categorized as spice based on its commercially needs.


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