Black Pepper

Black Pepper

  • Piper nigrum
  • 09041140
  • Round and black colour seeds with penetrating and aromatic odor
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Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) is produced from the fruits of perennial plant in the family of Piperaceae. Black pepper is native to the Malabar Coast of India and it is one of the essential spices worldwide. Black pepper have a characteristic penetrating and aromatic odour, with hot, biting, and very pungent taste. Black pepper is widely used as spice, and is occasionally used as medicine to relieve flatulence and as stimulant for gastric secretions.


Manufacturing Process

The black pepper plant bears a fruit that is sometimes called peppercorns. The plant will bear fruit after 2 to 5 years after plantation. Black pepper is produced through a unripe fruit, thus the harvest of the peppercorns should be done when the fruits are at the beginning of the maturation stage when the fruit has yellowish coloration. After harvesting, the fruits are then taken to the drying process. The fruits are dried in boards or properly fenced terrain. The peppercorns must be revolved to obtain uniform drying. The length of time for drying peppercorns varies, from a few hours to a few days. After that, pepper are threshed and washed. Then, pepper went to blanching to increase the rate at which pepper dry and speed up the enzymatic reaction to produce the final desired black colour. In this process, pepper are left in hot but not boiling water for up to 10 minutes until they changes colour to black. After blanching, black pepper then dried again and then winnowed and graded. Finally, black pepper is grinded to added the value of the product and then packaged or stored in air tight containers.



The grades of black pepper are divided into two:

Bold Quality

Moisture                                   : 12.5%

Admixture                                 : 0.2%

Stones or other material        : 0

Size                                             : 5mm with min. 80%

ASTA Quality

Moisture                                    : 12.5%

Admixture                                 : 0.2%

Stones or other material        : 0

Size                                             : 5mm with min. 80%

Black pepper is mainly used in culinary as main spice in various dishes. In small scale, black pepper is also extracted to produce pepper oil and spirit. Pepper spirit is used for medicinal and beauty products, while pepper oil is for herbal treatments.



Based on its uses, black pepper is categorized as spice.

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