• Vaccinium macrocarpon
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  • Large,round, oblong, with pink to very dark red or mottled red and white in colour
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Cranberry basically is a fruit of trailing plants belong to the Vaccinium genus and Ericaceae family. There are many variety of cranberry, however the commonly traded cranberries are from the United States usually called as American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon). This cranberry are found in the northeastern part of the United States and has an appearance of large, round, oblong, with pink to very dark red or mottled red and white in colour, contain high vitamin C. To prevent spoilage, cranberries are dehydrated into dried cranberries or craisin. Craisin is usually used as snack foods in trail mix products, and in cooking. 


Manufacture Process

Cranberries are harvested from cranberry vines. There are two methods of harvesting cranberry, dry harvesting and wet harvesting. Dry harvesting is the best method to obtain dried cranberries. In this method, cranberries are picked using a mechanical picker and then placed onto a bucket conveyor that continues to carry cranberry to burlap sacks. After that cranberries are cleaned by emptying the sacks to a metal screen that are used to separate the berries from leaves and debris. Then, cranberries are sorted by using a mechanical sorter. Lastly, cranberries are dehydrated by drying them in the trays for two to four weeks or using a dehydrator machine. In this dehydration process, cranberry moisture content are reduced to less than 15% with the colour of fruits changing to deep red. After the cranberries are dried, they are graded and then stored or packaged in a see through bag. 



Dried cranberry are produced from the cranberry that possess a reasonably good colour, reasonably free from defects, reasonably good character, normal flavor and odor, have a similar characteristics, have no grit or silt present that affects the appearance or edibility of product, 95% similarity in size.

Dried cranberries are used for cooking as additional in pastries or as direct replacement of raisins or other dried fruits.


Dried cranberries is categorized as dried fruits.


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