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Small, sweets, golden coloured raisins
Small , globose, with a flat cream coloured hilum, green in seed coat colour, and cream coloured in inside
Round seeds with bright green in color
Small, various in shape: oval, round, and various in colours: red, dark purple, white
Round shape with smooth, thin, white or cream colored coat seed
Pea sized, white in one of the edges, with various colour commonly found in yellow
Grayish brown ovals seed with furrowed surfaces
Spindle shaped, covered in light brown seed coat
Large, sweet, with dark brown or deep purple in colour
small with width around 5.5 to 6 mm or larger, bright green-yellowish with a silver skin in the middle of beans
flattened pear shape seeds, cream or pearly white in colour
Small, round shape with various colour: red, lemon-yellow, white, and black
Pea sized, round shaped, with cream colour and flat brown to black hilum
Plump legume contains flat seeds embedded in soft brownish pulp
Tough brown skin with bright and strong staining orange-yellow
globular shape, finely pitted, white to light yellow in colour
Round seeds with various colours (white, cream, brown, yellow, purple, black, or mottled with any combinations of these)
Smooth nearly globular shape with light yellow greyish or cream colour
Round shape with pale yellow to beige in colour
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